The Day I Met a Master Builder – Day #2 SXSW Highlights
22nd March 2016

By Emma Perkins, ECD MullenLowe Open

Day #2 SXSW Highlights

So after the awesomeness of day one in Austin, day two was looking like it wouldn’t live up to the day before. Taking note of advice we had been given, we avoided the obvious and looked for the different.

Lego Group and Cartoon Network: Building Future Fans #LEGOCN

These are two companies that build awesome things, so I was eager to hear them talk about how they collaborate, their shared philosophies and mutual ambitions.

It was wonderful to hear of Lego’s philosophy: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Cartoon Network guys, when travelling to their Head Office for the first time, had hoped to find a river flowing with Lego and a room where all the lego bricks were edible. To Lego, children are their role models so as a company they put focus on the impact they have on the world not just how much money they’re going to make. Music to every creative persons ears. Their Danish culture makes them pathologically humble, in fact there is a phrase in Danish which means ‘nobody is better than anyone else’.

But lets face it, Lego is pretty much better than every other toy company. In 2015 the toy industry had its biggest year ever, and Lego is now the largest toy company in the world and expanding at an unprecedented rate – with 19 billion lego parts being made each year. But how do you retain that strong culture when hiring at such a rate? They look for people who are as curious, creative and playful as the children they model their business around and they keep creative people at the centre of their projects. One such person is Chris Steininger, one of only 8 Master Builders in the world. At the end of the talk he asked the 400 strong audience of Lego enthusiasts a trivia question, the prize – a Lego mural he had been building throughout the hour.

The Q: What is the name of the Green Ninja from Ninjago?…Who knew the answer and was the first to put their hand up?


A mum of two, huge Lego fans and master builders in the making. Now I just have to work out how to get it back to London…

Scoot to the end and you can hear me win!